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01/03/00---put up some gap pics i 'touched up'.
12/29/99---make that CHRISTmas BREAK
12/20/99---i bet you a dollar that the world won't end jan.1/2000.
11/17/'re still here? tight for time right now, many apologies about the lack of updates...thanks for all the feedback on the 'The Questione of Violence', i was about to put up a new one, but forgot the new'll come back.....some day. send any suggestions my way. major changes due whenever...don't hold your breathe, CHRISTmas at the latest.
09/05/99---back from my 2 week snooze on the coast....woo....go see about buy nothing day 
08/13/99---added a godamn funny TRUE STORY which recently hapenned to a friend of mine, and another mpthree mix in the getsome section
08/09/99---put up a questionaire on the relevance of violence. added some more sites (autechre/coil) in the see some section.


BEWARE FAT OLD MEN WEARING HATS. Whenever you have the chance to pee off a cliff, DO SO!!! Camels spit, usually at a target, with great force and accuracy. the spitball is 200 grams of disgusting phlegm. if your camel is making weird sounds and moving his mouth around a lot, get at least 5 meters away. Science is good, but don't worship it. Ever notice that dry dog food smells uncannily like KFC? Power told is power lost. Feeling very controlled today? How many coke products have you had this week? Is it just me, or does it make you 'uncomfortable' when cats sleep on your crotch? Madness/chaos has no reason or purpose, but it may have a goal. Perhaps our brains are just a "reducing" valve, to put reality into terms we can understand. Great ideas begin as heresy. READ EVERYTHING BY WILLIAM BURROUGHS(but be careful)!! Tip: Study awhile before you believe anybody about anything. ACHOO ACHOO - GODBLESS YOU GODBLESS YOU _Johny23. cows produce 15% of todays methane emmisions. You can be my candyman, but don't be my salty-dog. No more words little girl, lets go for a ride now, to a nice place. The notion of illegal plants and animals is obnoxious and ridiculous. Government is the science of punishment. Regulate the Net with forceps, not with a hammer. The only thing your genes consider to be a sin is celibacy. The end will bear no resemblance to a product advertised. The deconstruction of morals will truely free the human race.  We are the jovially damned.  we live with the earth, not on itMore to come............

go here, read everything, get enlightened.

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