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Morals Vs Respect

where to begin...... i suppose i should just make a few things clear:

1)this is MY OPINION
2)as of yet a THEORY, and only that
3)i am simply SUGGESTING that this could have prevented many flaws we have made as humans, and could better our lives at present and in the future.
4)i am going to pick on christians because they are an easy target that need to be picked on.

here's the jist of it:

i've noticed that the human species (mainly white males) have made some pretty stupid decisions in the past, such as consuming natural-slow to replenish resources (slow as in 100-1000000yrs), created devices/machines which destroy our land, and poluted the air we breath, land we take our food from, and water we drink, and started major wars killing countless millions of people. i believe these problems and bad decicions could be based mainly on a lack of respect for ourselves and everything else.

in our current christian dominated society, we are made to think that we should do things morally correct, and in doing this, everyone will be the better. what though is morally correct? who decides what is morally correct? as history shows, whoever has the power to persuade the mass into thinking that what the person in power thinks is morally correct, the 'right' thing to do, and for the 'better good' (being themselves) gets to decide. a simple point and fact for this: the CRUSADES. powerful lords and kings persuading large masses, forming armies, to wipe out some people with a different view. to the crusaders, it was their moral duty to rid the earth of this pestilence, to brutally slaughter thousands of inocent, defenceles men, women, and children.

morals are weak promises to oneself that hardly anyone ever intends to really keep. first, think of how many millions of christians there are in the world. second, think of the seven deadly sins. christians are morally obligated to obey them to the letter. how many do you know that do? i can think of..... oh, about none. morals are too flexible, and can change as fast as they are broken.

instead of a morally based code of ethics, i suggest a respectfull one. how much of our natural resources would we still have if we respected them? what problems would we have with air, land and water polution if we would have repected them? how many deaths could have been avoided if we would have repected each other? as far as can be seen, i cannot think of ONE situation where the ideals of morals would exceed the ideals of respect, yet i can think of many situations where respect exceeds morals.

i am an open minded person, and would be thrilled to be proven otherwise. if you can prove my theory wrong, or have any questions/comments please contact me here

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