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this is an extremely small, and DEAD section on the types of music i listen to. if you haven't heard of the songs or groups, then i pitty you and your tortured ears. (or go to where i leached all these from plus more here ) HARDLY ANY friggin link worked so i'm gonna change this to a mp3 ftp site list....eventually (*rapiddly* growing of course).




glassblower unzip


openeing engagement diversion penetration(skusmix) unzip


total(skusmix) unzip


start&end3 unzip
and you unzip
clatter16(skusmix) unzip


the day after (clattermix) unzip


if these don't work, tell me (pfffft...that'll happen...).  ftp's go up and down faster than your mom's bobbing head, but like with your mom, i'll try to keep it UP(dated).  send me any sites you got too (it could happen).

here's a great freeware ftp navigator to use: leechftp (new version, the 'search' option actually the 'main thread transfer' button to start up\downloading immediately (arrow in middle of left-hand section))
FTP        mostly port 21 LOGIN PASSWORD OTHER mp3 mp3 6pm-7am gmt--1:5--coil/mbm preview preview tough to get on, but DAMN...       prt:604 mp3 mp3 full album trade (tons)  mp3 mp3 often full...must mean it's good        prt:2121 mp3 mp3 full a lot too     1:5 mp3z mp3z i can always get on here bleep bloop max 5 users, but great site dajmon dajmon upload some stuff and make me look good.



isolation tank best selection (a little pricy though (unless you get the catalogue), and don't ship on time)
cd europe best imports (depending on where you're from)
cheap cd's cheapest (buy at COST, cheap shipping as well)
every cd cheap, and good selection, but a $40/yr members fee  

*= doubtfull, don't hold your breath, could take maaaany years of munching and snaaaacking.


know where i can get some more? drop a word

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