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CHAOS ORGY "i hope you're smacking your lips right now you zingy scintillant trenchcrabble!"
THE CHURCH OF TOAST "Ever have one of those days when your sitting in your basement, staring at curtains, having ingested a couple tabs of acid, and your thinking those strange kinds of things that you can only think up on LSD, staring at curtains, in your basement?"
THE MIND OF A CHRISSY BO a knobs page of boobery
SAIGE'S PAGE jungle stuff
MENG'S "my mission is to bring more madness into a world ruled by sense and reason"


D I S I N F O R M A T I O N conspiracy theory, big brother, illuminati, they got it all
4BYPASS all the stuff that doesn't make the news, BUT SHOULD
IQ TESTS Dunno how accurate, i like it though, they say i'm a jeenious
WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS a site about bill
NOSTRADAMUS the directly translated scripts, NOT 'phrased on what they "mean"'
MORGANA'S OBSERVATORY prophecies from many different cultures
DEOXY the deoxyribonucleic hyperdimension
Y2KCHAOS y2k survival guide + everything you wanted to know about it
BATTLE 4 YOUR MIND what the christians knew how to do LONG ago, and still practice today.
MIND CONTROL how to prevent it/support groups
F.A.S. covered up scientific information revealed
TEXTFILES textfiles of all sorts interesting
ADBUSTERS an anti-corporate group opening the eyes of the blind sheep


CELEBRITY SLUGFEST an online beatery of the people you love to hate
NEWGROUNDS ATOMIX get drunk with dipsy, snipe the family circus, beat seals and so much more
DIPSY'S JAVA GAMES pretty fun tailgunner game plus some others
APPLET ARCADE an arcade..of you're in the right state.



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