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Insatiable Need

why do we have such a need to be entertained by violence and suffering? Is it a primal hunger that we keep finding new ways to quench? Does it help us release OUR violent thoughts through watching others, or does it encourage us to act upon them? Is there some benifit for us to watch people die, get beaten, or tortured, or is it just a form of cheap entertainment used and abused by movie makers, television script writers, and song writers to make an easy dollar?

-whenever there is a fight, an encircleing crowd forms, desperately trying to get a better view. (do other animals?)
-colloseums: built to entertain large #'s of people for fights and violent sports
-freak shows: people wanting to see others with deformities suffer
-theatre: always tragic suffering
-circus: everyone hopes that lion tamer will get eaten.
-sports: why doesn't anyone watch bowling? IT'S NOT VIOLENT
-movies: suffering and violence in all
-television (even and ESPECIALLY the news) same as movies
-songs (of battle/heart break/torture/suffering) same as tv
Someone must die or be beaten/tortured/suffering to be succesfull. Out of #### people, ****(%) would rather watch "violent show" compared to a documentary on "important issue".

comedy is 99% of the time at the expense of someone else.


olympic sports/gladiators helped stop wars (sort of...gave them something to do until next war) although simply replaced with CONTROLLED violence.

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