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now          THAT'S          a          LIGHT!!!   

If that ain't a LIGHT then i don't know what is. do you know what it is? It's science at it's highest level. THE UNKNOWN!!! Explaining something by saying "it's god's will" is a COMPLETE LOAD OF CRAP!! It's just an excuse for scared old men in robes to use because they're afraid to evolve. More accurately...they don't know what will happen when we do evolve, but they DO know that they will lose ALL control over US!! That is the ONLY reason to be a "FIGURE HEAD", or LEADER...TO CONTROL THE VULNERBALE. Making decisions by yourself is extremely egotistical....but making decisions based on "THE MASS" is equally dumbassical. I suggest (and i stress SUGGEST...) that you listen to ALL the alternatives...weigh them against what you believe...(but also make certain of what you believe, and make sure it isn't TAINTED by others or how you were brought up), and make a decision based on that. It is the ONLY way to make a fair decision.