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"The way to FREEDOM is through the gates of ANARCHY"

"anarchism is a movement for a radicaly democratic and libertarian society. It is not bombs, disorder, or chaos. It is not robbery or murder. It is not a war of each against all. It is not a return to barbarianism or to the wild state of man. Anarchism is the very opposite of all that."

REAL anarchy/anarchist sites

Cooperative Anarchy for a Unified World
world without lines
anarchy solutions (under construction)
spunk library
dave's hole (great site)
eco anarchy???
s.i.m. HQ
anarchist library
anarchist archives
anarchist propoganda archives
anarchy theories and practices
anarchist age
linking north american anarchists
the seed
official IFA site (the International of the Federations of Anarchists)
the anarchy organization
the writings of Hakim Bey
anarchy in action
homes not jails

you may need these too

um, all the other sites do this so i suppose i should cover my ass too and tell you that you could kill people and stuff with this info (well thank you Mr. Disclaimer, we didn't realize that). there. i feel much better now.

anarchist cookbook- V online
anarchist cookbook-V (download as zip)
complete terrorist handbook (download as zip)
MIT guide to lockpicking (download as zip)
Boxes boxes and more boxes
Hack Canada
street anarchy
anarchy files
more files
the anarchy section

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